Colonial mentality and sex priests

No other country in Asia has as colonial a mentality as do the Philippines.

Filipinos regard themselves as “natives” of the Philippines. While it is grammatically and semantically true, that they are the natives of the Philippines, it is also strange that they regard themselves as natives, and it is a clear linguistic indicator of the typical Philippine inferiority complex.

“Natives” are second-class citizens in their own country. American natives, or the small number that hasn’t been murdered by European immigrants, are those who live in reservations. In the United States, these reservations typically are located in the most useless stretches of land. It’s the same with Australian aboriginals.

If one asks a Thai or Indonesian person, or even a Cambodian or Vietnamese, what he considers himself, any of them would never come up with stating that he is a Thai native, or an Indonesian native, or a Cambodian native, or a Vietnamese native. He will identify himself as Thai, Indonesian, Cambodian, or Vietnamese. No “native”.

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